See Why Most AC Units Fail To Keep Up With The Summer Heat

Many people across the country believe that summer starts either during the last week in June or the first week in July. Whether summer starts in June or July, the truth is that season changeover has come. What you should mind more about is whether your air conditioner will keep up with the summer heat and make your home a favourable environment for you and your family. However, your air conditioner will not keep up with the season's heat if it's not in good working condition, and this means that professional air conditioning repairs are critical. Why would your air conditioner fail to keep up with the heat this summer? Here are 3 possible reasons:

Clogged Air Filters

Most air conditioners break down due to clogged filters. The air filters are one of the sensitive components of the air conditioner you have at home. The AC unit will not blow cold air into your house during the summer if the air filters are dirty and clogged. These components filter debris and dirt from the air and determine how well your air conditioner runs. Accumulation of debris in the air filters impacts airflow in a big way. Professional air conditioning technicians should replace the air filters every few months and keep them clean if you want the air conditioner in your house to keep up with the summer heat.


The air conditioner in your house won't function properly if it doesn't have the right amount of refrigerant. Your air conditioning unit won't blow in cold air if the refrigerant is leaking, which means your house will stay warm during the summer. It's risky to handle refrigerant on your own and that's why you should let professional technicians handle it. The cool air will also escape if the air ducts are leaking. Technicians should inspect the air duct leaks and provide air conditioning repairs to boost the overall performance of your air conditioner.

Evaporator Coils Are Dirty

The evaporator coils of your AC unit get dirty over time and will develop some serious problems if this goes unnoticed. Inspect the evaporator coils regularly to make sure they are always clean; this will help to ensure the performance of your AC unit is consistent. An air conditioner with dirty coils won't blow in cold air on sunny days. Your air conditioner will even overheat and shut off if its evaporator coils are extremely dirty. Contact some experienced technicians to repair or replace the faulty coils to make your AC unit efficient this summer.

Life inside your house can be quite unbearable in summer if your air conditioner won't blow in cold air. Don't ignore this problem, and act fast to get the necessary AC repairs. Professional air conditioning repairs ensure your summertime is as comfortable and cool as you would have wished it to be.