4 Common Air Conditioning Issues

When your air conditioning system is behaving abnormally, it can be difficult to know whether you need to call an air conditioning service or whether there is some maintenance action you can take on your own to solve the problem. Here are four air conditioning problems that arise relatively frequently, along with advice about how to respond to them.

1. Air From Vents Is Not Cool

If your air conditioning system seems to be working fine except that the temperature of air coming from the vents is too high, there are several underlying issues that could be to blame. The first possibility is that the temperature settings are not set correctly. Try changing the thermostat to a lower target temperature.

If changing the thermostat settings does not help, then it is likely that some part within the air conditioning unit is malfunctioning. For example, the condenser might not be working properly to cool the air as it should. This type of problem is very difficult to fix on your own, so you should contact an air conditioning repair service.

2. Weak Flow of Air

If very little air is flowing from the air conditioning vents when the system is running, then there is probably a tear or loose connection in one of the ducts that transport cooled air to the various rooms in your home. If you can easily access the ducts, you can inspect them to find the leak. You might even be able to repair a small leak using duct tape. In the case of more serious damage or ducts that are difficult to access, contacting an air conditioning repair service is the best option.

3. High Energy Bills

Skyrocketing energy bills are a telltale sign of a problem with your air conditioning system. If some part of the system has failed or is on the verge of failing, the unit could be working much harder than usual to compensate for the broken part. To save yourself some money and prevent a full system breakdown, you should get an air conditioning repair technician to take a look at the system.

4. Unusual Noises

Air conditioning systems should work quietly, making no noise other than a soft, consistent, background hum. If your system has recently started banging, grinding, rattling, or making any other strange sound, you should turn it off and contact an air conditioning repair service before it fully breaks down.

Reach out to a local HVAC technician to learn more about air conditioning repair.