A Ducted Air Conditioner: How You Know It's Time to Service It for Summer

Opening your windows to cool your home's indoor environment during summer will only offer little relief. The indoor air may get warm during summer and make you feel like someone is pointing a hairdryer in your face. Keeping all the rooms cool when it's hot outside requires you to have an efficient ducted air conditioner. You operate the unit from one point and keep the temperatures in each room properly regulated. However, this won't happen if you don't prepare the ducted air conditioning unit for summer. How do you know it's time to service your unit to make it ready for summer? 

A Defective Thermostat

The outdoor-indoor temperature discrepancy or hard-to-turn unit shows that the thermostat isn't in good shape. The thermostat of your air conditioner can cause more problems at home if it goes on the fritz. The small thermostat problems you ignore would soon aggravate and cost you more money to fix. The unit's thermostat may fail if the batteries are dead, if the breaker trips or if it's excessively dusty or dirty. The thermostat controls the entire cooling system, and it may be defective if the wiring inside it is disconnected, corroded or frayed. Nonetheless, an expert technician can fix the defective thermostat and make your air conditioner functional again.

Excess Humidity and Odours

If your ducted air conditioner releases some strange odours that waft into your house, you should get it serviced immediately to make it ready for summer. A qualified heating and cooling technician will identify the underlying problem based on the odour produced. Rodents and insects cause this problem since they like curling up in the air ducts and other warm areas of the ducted air conditioner. The air conditioner in your home should remove humidity to prevent dampness that encourages mould or mildew growth.

Poor Airflow

It's not always easy to detect some subtle changes or fluctuations in your unit's airflow. That's why many homeowners overlook this and fail to know what's normal or strange for their ducted air conditioner. The air filters of the ducted air conditioner can get clogged leading to poor airflow. You should suspect clogged air filters whenever you find yourself increasing the fan speed of your ducted air conditioner often. Poor airflow will not only lead to hiked monthly power bills, but it will also exacerbate hay fever symptoms and respiratory issues. Call in a competent HVAC technician to clean the air filters to improve the quality of the indoor airflow.

You shouldn't ignore any of the above symptoms if you want to enjoy cool air at home during summer. A well-serviced air conditioner will regulate the indoor environment throughout the hot season. Just ensure the technician servicing your air conditioner is competent and fully conversant with how the ducted air conditioners operate.