4 Common Air Conditioning Issues

When your air conditioning system is behaving abnormally, it can be difficult to know whether you need to call an air conditioning service or whether there is some maintenance action you can take on your own to solve the problem. Here are four air conditioning problems that arise relatively frequently, along with advice about how to respond to them. 1. Air From Vents Is Not Cool If your air conditioning system seems to be working fine except that the temperature of air coming from the vents is too high, there are several underlying issues that could be to blame.

Can You Tell When Your Air Conditioner Compressor Has Failed? 3 Indicators

The compressor is one of the crucial components of your air conditioning. Its function is to pressurize and heat the refrigerant in preparation for the condensation cycle, which keeps the air inside your home cool. When the compressor is in perfect condition, you will notice a consistency in the presence of cool air inside the house. On the other hand, when the compressor starts to fail, you might notice a drop in the machine’s cooling efficiency.