Why Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Are the Only Real Choice During a Renovation

If you are involved in an extensive home renovation, you'll want to make sure that your new property is as efficient as possible, has all of the mod cons in place and represents a good value on the resale market. You are spending a lot of time, effort and money on this work and must take full advantage of the disruption, so you should definitely focus on installing a good air conditioning system. Up until this point you may have had individual wall-mounted units, and these are not as efficient as reverse-cycle, inverter-driven, ducted systems. Why are these the only real choice in your situation?

Better Consistency

Wall-mounted units can certainly achieve the same objective in cooling a specific area, but they do not represent a uniform solution for the entire home. They are not as technologically advanced as modern-day alternatives, and it's very difficult for you to match the condition inside each room accordingly. Therefore, you may notice a difference when you leave your living room and enter your bedroom at the end of the day, and it may be difficult for you to re-acclimatise when it's time to go to bed.

More Control

Ducted systems are far less obtrusive than wall-mounted units or other alternatives. During a major renovation, you can take the time to install these ducts above each ceiling and connect them all to your central control point. You will then be able to add sophisticated technology that will allow you to program individual zones within your home, switch the system on or off in accordance with your family's schedule and exercise full control.

Major Benefits

You'll find that ducted systems are much quieter than old-fashioned alternatives and will typically cost a lot less to run. The quality of the air within the home will be improved, and this will lead to better levels of humidity as the fresh air is pumped into the house.

Energy Efficient

If you're conscious about the environment, then you will want to ensure that your new and renovated home is energy efficient. Inverter technology can scale your power usage according to your needs and will ensure that your house is heated or cooled to your satisfaction at all times.

Making Your Plans

Talk with your equipment installation contractors about ducted air conditioning and draw up a plan to install such a system. You will notice a significant difference if you do.