Great Secrets to Prevent Allergens This Summer

It's no doubt that summer has already started. This insinuates that a lot of allergens will come your way since they thrive a lot during warm weather. Smog and pollen are some of the allergens that cause some respiratory problems to some people during the summer. The increased allergens cause a lot of people to sniffle and sneeze. Don't assume that pollutants are only found outside since they easily sneak into your house and compromise the quality of your indoor air in a big way. Mildew, dust, toxins and mould are some of the elements that wreak havoc on your indoor air. However, you can keep allergens at bay this summer if you install the right air conditioning unit and maintain it. So here is what you should do to enjoy summer without allergens:

Install an Efficient Air Conditioner

The HVAC system is special to your home, and the system serves as the home's lungs. This means that installing and maintaining the system is mandatory. The filters of the air conditioning unit should always be clean if you want to reduce exposure to allergens. A well-installed and -maintained air conditioner will efficiently trap cockroach droppings, mould, pet dander, pollen and dust mites the HVAC unit circulates in your home. Cleaning the HVAC filters isn't enough; you need to replace them after every 60 days. Look for a competent HVAC contractor to provide a professional air conditioning installation to stay safe in summer.

Install a UV Light for Your Air Conditioner

Mould spores flow through most air conditioning units, but you can kill them using some effective ultra-violet lights. Most of the mould spores come from the outside environment, and they are hard to eliminate if you haven't installed a good HVAC unit. The UV lights you install in your air conditioner eliminates the germs and bacteria in the ductwork. This way, your home becomes an allergen-free environment for you and your family.

Get a Programmable Thermostat for Your AC

Programmable thermostats will adjust the cooling temperatures and reduce energy consumption by a significant percentage. Let the professional HVAC contractor that installs your HVAC unit help you get a thermostat you can adjust down by about 7–10 degree to cut your cooling bills by about 10 percent. Most HVAC contractors say that thermostats that adjust automatically are the best to install in any home.

Buying a new HVAC system isn't everything; you must ensure that it's properly installed. Don't install it yourself if you don't have the necessary tools and skills to do so. It's possible to have electricity bills with no spikes this summer. Contact an HVAC contractor that provides air conditioner installations in your area.