Benefits of Gas Heating

Boilers heating systems work by using natural gas among other energy sources. Boiler heating systems ensure your home is kept warm during winter. Gas heating is more efficient for powering a home due to its eco-friendliness and their energy-efficiency. Other benefits of using gas heating include the following.


Gas heating is cheaper in comparison to using electricity. In many parts of Australia, natural gas is less expensive than electricity. The savings you expect from gas heating systems, however, depend on the efficiency of different gas heaters. New gas heaters have a higher efficiency ratio in comparison to older models. While the initial set-up cost may be high, you will realise savings over time. The cost of energy has risen, and with gas heating, your utility bills can be lower.

You can also benefit from rebate programs offered by the government for properties that switch to energy-efficient heating systems.


Gas heating for residential and commercial properties is more reliable than electric heating. Natural gas lines are located underground, which offers protection against natural elements and accidents, which cannot be said for electricity substations. Also, in the event of a power outage, you can still heat your home.

Gas pipelines are also reliable as they supply homes and business directly. Properties that use fuel sources such as propane have to wait for its delivery from the utility company, which may be inconvenient and unreliable. Gas heaters also display reliability due to their long lifespan. With proper maintenance, they can last much longer than electric boilers.


Natural gas is eco-friendly as it results in fewer emissions as opposed to power sources such as coal. Electricity produced from coal emits greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, which are harmful to the environment. Gas heating produces 45% less carbon dioxide in comparison to coal. It also emits less waste such as sulphur and nitrogen. Properties that transition to natural gas for their heating and power needs can reduce their ecological footprint. The threat of spills and contamination is eliminated as the gas reservoir is not on your property.


Gas heating offers instant warmth and a continuous supply of hot air. Immediately the gas boiler is turned on; the property begins to warm up. There is no waiting period, and a warm atmosphere is created quickly.

Contact a local HVAC professional for more information about gas heating and whether it's a good option for you.