Guidelines For Keeping Cool During AC Repair

During the hot season, air conditioning is needed to cool your home or office. In most areas, temperatures tend to rise quickly, and this can easily cause the AC to breakdown. The next step you need to take in this situation is to get in touch with an air conditioning repair expert. Unfortunately, this is the time most contractors are busy and getting help may take longer than expected. Unless your issue is considered an emergency case, your appointment will likely be scheduled after several hours or a day because contractors are bombarded with people who also need help to fix their air conditioners.

So, what can you do to stay cool as you wait for the air conditioning repair contractor? Here are helpful tips you should consider.

Turn the fans on

If you plan on staying indoors during the repairs, be sure to turn on your electric or ceiling fan. This is the best way to cool yourself down in summer if you lack an air conditioner or it's faulty. Usually, ceiling fans create a wind-chill effect which evaporates moisture from the skin surface, making you feel cooler – but it doesn't cool the room. To conserve energy, be sure to switch the ceiling fan off when you leave a room.

Drink lots of water

Another reliable way to cool your body is by taking lots of water. After all, water is effective for helping to cool your body down, so the more you take, the more you'll stay cool and cleanse toxins from your body. Even though a person is required to take eight glasses a day, the amount of water your body needs (especially now that it's hot) is determined by your health and body.

Avoid generating heat inside your house

To cool your rooms naturally, consider reducing the interior heat gain. Since you lack air conditioning that normally offsets the heat you generate in the house, do not use the stove, dishwasher, oven, dryer or other appliances that produce heat. If the AC breaks during the day, use the microwave to prepare your food, then use appliances such as the dishwasher and dyer after dark.

Don't dress to impress

Since it's getting hot and you are indoors, the last thing you should worry about is dressing up to look good. You will sweat some more anyway. Let the temperature guide your dressing choices and not the need to look stylish. Consider wearing cotton fabrics, tank tops, shorts, and sandals.

Now that you're working to keep your home cooler, it's time to start looking for an HVAC contractor to help fix your air conditioning. Call your local team today for help.