How to Keep Your Ducted Air Conditioning Unit in Good Shape This Year

It is one thing to have a ducted air conditioning unit in your house, and it is another thing to ensure it's in good working condition throughout the year. Nothing would be more frustrating than getting into summer with a faulty ducted air conditioner. A well-maintained and functional ducted air conditioner increases your comfort levels and lowers energy bills. Are you wondering what you should do to keep your ducted air conditioner in good shape in the remaining half of the year? Keep reading!

Inspect the Air Filters Regularly 

Ensure a competent air conditioning technician checks the air filters of your AC unit regularly and change them when necessary. Changing air filters often creates a barrier that restricts airflow and prevents dirt build-up. The vents of the ducted air conditioner won't release cool air if the unit has reduced airflow. Air won't get into your AC unit if a technician doesn't remove the thick layer of dust in it. Reduced airflow also causes a frozen evaporator coil. These evaporator coils freeze when the cold refrigerant drops in temperature. You should contact a technician in air conditioning repairs to inspect the air filters of your ducted air conditioning system every one to two months.

Pay Much Attention to Repairs

Don't ignore anything indicating that your AC unit needs professional air conditioning repairs. It's tempting to disregard certain signs, but it's the worst mistake you would ever do. The air conditioning repairs get more expensive every time you reschedule them. The strange sounds you hear and the funny smell from the vents confirm the need for professional air conditioning services. Contact an expert in air conditioning maintenance immediately you see the first sign and don't wait even if the problem seems minuscule.

Keep the Outdoor Unit in Mind

The outdoor unit or condenser shouldn't be covered if you want it to run efficiently. This means more care is needed to ensure that it's debris-free at all times. The condenser takes all the heat from your indoor air and dumps it outside. The heat in the indoor air won't escape as fast if the outdoor furniture, plants and dirt cover the outdoor unit. This will force the ducted air conditioner to work harder and longer to cool your home and this is how higher energy bills come about. Don't allow debris or leaves near the condenser if you want to keep the cooling power of your air conditioner high.

Enjoying cool air throughout summer isn't a hard thing as long as your ducted air conditioner is in well-maintained and serviced. You extend the shelf-life of your ducted air conditioner every time you get professional help. Schedule an appointment with a reliable and experienced technician just to come and inspect your ducted air conditioning system even if it hasn't developed some serious problems. It's wrong to call in the technicians only when your ducted air conditioner has failed.