How to Prepare for Aircon System Installation

Aircon system installation is a job that many contractors can confidently carry out, but they need a little help from you to facilitate the process. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the installation of your new air conditioning system to ensure it goes smoothly.

1. Be Certain of Your Decision

Before you decide which kind of aircon system to install, take the time to learn about the various options and consider which is best for your home. You can choose between a ducted system, a ductless split system or a geothermal system, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to discuss all the options with your HVAC contractor before you agree to go ahead with installation.

2. Check the Dimensions

Both ductless central air systems and ductless split systems rely on an outdoor unit to cool air before it is circulated around your home. You must ensure that there is sufficient space outside your home to install this unit. If there isn't enough space, you will either need to clear away obstacles such as garden sheds or shrubs or choose a system that has a smaller outdoor unit.

3. Clean the Ducts

If you are replacing an old ducted aircon system with a new one, then a crucial part of the installation process is cleaning the ducts to ensure they are free from dust and debris that could affect the functioning of your new system. You should also check that the ducts are free from rips, holes or loose connections. Some homeowners are comfortable carrying out the process of cleaning and sealing up holes in ducts themselves, but if you are not, you can ask your contractor to handle this part of the installation for you. Be sure to let them know if you need help with this step so the contractor can allow sufficient time for the installation.

4. Clear a Space

HVAC contractors need to have enough space in which to work. If your garden is overgrown, they will struggle to fight their way through the bushes to install your outdoor condensing unit in the correct place. Help them out by trimming back plants and clearing garden furniture and tools out of the way before they arrive. Similarly, indoors you can help out by moving chairs, tables and toys away from the vents so contractors can access them easily.