Ways to Keep Your Commercial Air Conditioner in Excellent Operating Condition

The air conditioning system installed in your commercial building keeps employees, customers and guests cool during the hot months of the year. If it stops working well, temperatures within the building may rise to uncomfortable levels, making it difficult for building occupants to have a pleasant time.

The best way to avoid cooling emergencies on your commercial premises is to take good care of your AC system. This requires taking a preventative approach to dealing with potential AC problems.

Preventative AC maintenance involves taking preemptive steps to prevent AC system problems from happening instead of addressing those problems only after they arise. While there are many things you can do to keep commercial AC system problems from happening, here are a few that are of vital importance.

Getting a regular air filter replacement

Located inside the return duct of your commercial air conditioning system is a filter with the job to trap any contaminants present in the air that gets pulled into the cooling system.

Because of the work that it does, the air filter inevitably becomes dirty and starts to impede the normal flow of air through the cooling system. The constrained airflow puts a strain on your AC equipment and forces it to run harder than it does when there's good airflow. This not only causes a decline in cooling output but also increases your cooling bills. 

Ineffective air filters can also make you sick by allowing dirt to enter the system and be returned to your commercial indoor environment. The dirt that passes through the filter may end up accumulating on the internal components of your cooling equipment, resulting in expensive parts replacements and premature replacement of the entire equipment.

Getting the entire unit cleaned from time to time

While the air filter helps prevent airborne dirt from entering your air conditioning system, general cleaning of the entire equipment is still required to maintain the desired level of cleanliness. If left unchecked, dirt and debris can quickly accumulate on the blower, blower fan, condenser coils and other vital components of your AC system and cause serious problems.

Preventative AC maintenance also requires keeping an eye out for early signs of cooling issues and taking the appropriate corrective action before major problems occur. If you notice even the slightest problem with your commercial AC system, it's recommended you schedule a professional AC maintenance and repair service as soon as possible. Reach out to a professional who provides commercial air conditioning services to learn more.