Why Choose Ducted Reverse Cycle Vs. Split System Air Conditioning For Larger Homes?

Anyone who has tried living in a hot environment without air conditioning will be able to tell you just how tough it can be, but choosing the wrong type of air conditioning system for your home can be almost as frustrating. Most homes in Australia use split system air conditioning. These have a unit fixed to the outside of the house and another few individual units inside to pump in cool air.

However, those with larger properties might want to think about installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system instead. These fit the central unit on the roof and then bring air to each room through a system of ducts, and they're particularly great for larger homes. Here are just a few reasons why.

Easier Cleaning

One of the drawbacks of living in a larger home is having far more to keep clean, so every little bit of help is going to make a difference. This can make split system units problematic since they're fixed right to interior walls. This creates small gaps and ledges where dust can settle, and getting to those spaces can be tough. In contrast, ducted reverse systems only have the vents visible, so they don't catch dust very easily and can be quickly wiped down every now and then to stay looking their best.

Flexible Cooling

Look at the latest ducted reverse cycle systems and you'll find that it's possible to take advantage of several fantastic new features. For example, you can create multiple zones to cool only a few rooms at once or even heat one room and cool another. You can also control everything from one point. That makes ducted reverse cycle systems a great option for larger homes with many rooms.

Fit Across More Rooms

Speaking of many rooms, you should keep in mind that split systems probably won't be capable of cooling them all. A split system's compressor can usually only support a few wall units, so you'll have to keep adding more compressors if you want air conditioning in additional rooms and stories. Ducted systems can distribute air more efficiently around the many rooms of a larger home.

Greater Range

There are always going to be exceptions, but you'll generally find that larger homes have larger rooms. That can be a problem with split systems since they're usually designed with smaller spaces in mind. If you have larger rooms, especially with an open floor plan, you might need a ducted reverse cycle system to reach the whole area with cool air.